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Geedi Food Industries FZC is a leading importer, exporter, and distributing of high quality milk powder. The company ownership license with offices and warehouses in Hamriyah Free zone, Sharjah –UAE.

Geedi Food Industries FZC was established to undertake the packaging of Milk powder products, the principles and managements of which have extensive background in the dairy trade. Being a leading importer and to facilitate the import, export activities, the company utilizes LC facilities and Telegraphic transfers for payment and receipts to the suppliers and buyers, offered by the banks. Within years of operation and experienced, we realized that there are opportunities for offering quality products at competitive prices.

Our products are checked by certain laboratory that are recognized by Arla Food Ingredients Amba, Denmark for the product composition, specification and quality meet the requirements of standard set by International Standardization bodies or clients. Consequently, we built our own brand to enter the trend of “Private Labels”, which has boosted to great extent in recent years.

We produce our products under qualified supervisors and it is certified on Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Kingdom of Denmark, set by our governmental regulations. The accuracy analysis and requirements of the products meet food safety Standard. We have cooperation with service Arla Food Ingredients Amba, Kingdom of Denmark. We also provide customized product in accordance with customer needs in various composition and price requirements.

Geedi Food Industries FZC is constantly working to increase its market share by developing the brand in International market and countries Sudan, Kenya, South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia and Guinea Conakry and all of Middle East Region.

Key to success of GEEDI FOOD INDUSTRIES FZC is the enterprising spirit combined with continuous innovative concept inspired by company’s Managing Director Mr. Hamsa Kulmiye.

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